Why Choose Solid State Slit Lamp

1. You will see what you missed with the halogen lamp
Halogen lamps generate light by heating up the tungsten wire and thus they illuminate mostly long wavelengths of light (e.g. red, near infrared and infrared). On the other hand, the solid state illumination produces wavelengths evenly in the visible spectrum (blue, green and some red).

Physicians use slit lamp to observe the transparent anatomical structures of the eye due to the fact that these tissues scatter light. The efficiency of the light scattering also is inversely proportional to the 4th power of the wavelength, so the scattering of the blue and green light is about three times more efficient than the scattering of red light.

With solid state illumination, the predominant visible light can allow doctors see better and the patients are exposed to less total light energy (See the testimonials).

2. You don't have to change light bulb frequently
Halogen lamps are rated for 3000 hours. LED lamps are usually rated at least for 10,000 hours. However, the Power LED we use in this product is rated for 50,000 hours at full power.

3. Controllable color temperature and complete dimmable capability
The visible light range in the blue and green is very crucial, to help identify the color change of the anatomical structure in the eye.

As we mentioned earlier, the halogen lamps use heat to generate light and the standard way to reduce the light will also reduce their temperature. The dimming process of the halogen lamp shifts the radiation even deeper into the unusable long wavelength spectrum.

With CeeMaxTM's proprietary technology, solid state LED output will not change its color while the light intensity is dimmed.

4. Very low heat was released
Due to the efficiency of the LED, there is very low heat was released on the slit lamp. Both the physicians and the patients will have much cooler environment to work with.

5. Being energy efficient means lower electrical cost and environmentally friendly
The LED light source we are using produces 350 lumen output in visible light. The total electrical power consumption is less than 10 watts. For traditional halogen lamps, in order to produce the same level of light output, it will require 30 watts of electrical power.

Some clinical observations while using the CeeMaxTM's solid state illuminated slit lamps:
"View of retina without glare- colors are much more vivid and view of Cornea with nerves pop out better"
"White illumination is excellent and reduces glare with fundus lens"
"The white light was more comfortable for the patient. No glare was experienced with the 90 D lens with the LED slit lamp light."
"Funduscopy: clear image of retina without glare: clarity of corneal health, i.e. visibility of detail; Lighting - cool and good intensity"

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